AgroNat to use solar powered distribution centers

Agro National Corporation (AgroNat) has revealed they will be utilizing solar power to operate their nine distribution centers in Maldives.

AgroNat’s distribution centers are a project to provide fresh produce to customers. Each distribution center will have a cold storage facility, a dry store facility and an office. All these cold storages will mainly distribute the produce of the farmers in the area, AgroNat said.

AgroNat Head of Sales and Marketing Ahmed Zaki told PSM News that four of the nine distribution centers have already been completed. The distribution centers are built to be powered by solar energy during the day and solar installations are already underway, he said. The company will also use solar energy in its new community farming project, he added.

Four distribution centers have already been completed, with the remaining ones are in the final stages of completion.

AgroNat will set up distribution centers in L. Gan, N. Manadhoo, R. Kinolhas, F. Magoodhoo, L. Isdhoo, L .Kalaidhoo, GA. Nilandhoo, Fuvahmulah and S. Hulhumeedhoo.

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