Fishers leave Maandhoo as Horizon deposits demanded payout

Fishermen who gathered to Maandhoo to protest Horizon Fishing have left the island after the fisheries company deposited the requested payout amount.

Horizon Fisheries owes MVR 21 million to fisherman. Fishermen from Laamu and Thaa Atolls began their protest on Saturday and stopped it on Monday when the company promised to deposit the funds.

Ibrahim Siyad Gasim and Mohammed Gasim spoke with the fishermen on behalf of Maandhoo Fisheries and offered to arrange the money.

The fisherman, on the other hand, insisted on waiting until Horizon Fisheries gives the payout.

Hussain Haneef, one of the protest’s leaders, informed that the company has now deposited the amount to the fishermen. He noted the fishermen had left the island creating an environment for the company to resume their operations.

According to Haneef, the protesting vessels collected MVR 8.7 million in total. 300 fishermen from 29 fishing boats participated in the demonstrations.

Hanif stated that the money was paid out to the boats that took part in the recent demonstration, but that additional boats will be paid within a week.