EPA announce MVR69 M fine on Afcons over reef damages


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it will be imposing an MVR69 million fine on Indian contractor company Afcons over damages to Vilimale’ house reef.

A platform used by Afcons to conduct geo-technical surveys at the Male’-Vilimale’ bridge zone had crashed into Vilimale’ reef on August 16, 2022. The project contractor removed the platform after 12 days since it running aground to the reef.

Delays in the removal of the platform resulted in severe damages to the reef, with near 10 feet holes in some of the reef areas.

EPA Director General Ibrahim Naeem said the authority will release a statement after formalities regarding the case has been completed.

Afcons initially rejected EPA’s first report on the damage assessment, and requested to conduct a survey of their own. EPA allowed Afcons to proceed with their own assessment of the reef damage.

This fine comes nearly three months following the incident. Meanwhile, several environmental organizations have earlier expressed concern over EPA’s delay in taking action.