First cruise liner arrives in Maldives post-pandemic


Following the opening of the border, the first cruise liner arrived in the Maldives on Sunday. Maldives Association of Yacht Agents (MAYA) brought in the cruise ship following the brief halt due to the border restriction.

The cruise liner from Malta set off from the Seychelles port of Victoria. MAYA confirmed to PSMNews that 420 visitors boarded the cruise liner.

The 7-star cruise ship made its maiden stop at Lhohifushi. Later, the ship would set sail for Kudafushi.

MAYA stated that the majority of the cruise liners that arrive in the Maldives on a regular basis would sail to Male’. However, due to a shortage of port options, the cruiseliner will not stop at Male’, according to MAYA.

MAYA stated that owing to the heavy tourist season, the association has restarted cruise liner services. MAYA stated that several cruise ships are scheduled over the following months.

The Ministry of Tourism is working diligently to promote cruise tourism throughout the country.