BML affirms no employee involvement in scam calls


BML has not identified any employee involvement in the scam calls reported so far.

BML officials have been summoned to the State Owned Enterprises (SOE) Committee of Parliament. Replying to questions from members of the committee, the bank said it is working hard to raise awareness among customers about scam calls.

Members asked about the alleged involvement of bank staff in the scam calls. BML Chief Compliance Officer Mariam Hameed assured that no employee of the bank has been involved in the investigations into the scam calls.

Mariam pointed out that the number of BML customers is high and with this, scam calls have often been made to the bank’s customers. She said these are organized crimes carried out by a huge team who use different phones, SIMS and accounts in different scams.

BML said the money siphoned through scam calls and hacks are deposited into various accounts, which are then withdrawn from ATMs.