Windows 11 is very VPN affine!

Photo: Microsoft

Not any later than users getting the Windows 10 experience, Windows 11 is rolling-out into the laptops and PCs; so long as you have the device connected to the internet, and the ‘allowing update’ button on. Now comes the news that the latest in the Microsoft operating software (OS); Windows 11 is set to get a VPN indicator in its notification box.

It is reported that the upcoming Windows 11 builds will feature the new VPN icon, acknowledging growing popularity of the services across the world.

Reports also claim the new Windows 11 build will not recognize third-party VPN apps, meaning large portion of VPN users will be left not be catered. The VPN connection can be set through the system settings.

While not confirmed that Microsoft is in fact moving ahead with the VPN feature integration, Silicon Valley rumors and speculations are leaning heavily on the early access reviews of the new roll-out. Microsoft is likely to work on fine-tuning the VPN status icon to integrate Wi-Fi connections, as well as allow third-party VPN apps prior to the actual release.