Maldives to stop accepting expired IDs for in-country travel

Maldives will stop accepting expired identification documents for in-country travel  from February 2023.

Maldivians faced challenges to renewing their identifying documents due to the COVID-19 travel and movement restrictions. This was in part due to limited office hours, reduced in-person time at government offices, and majority of the population being based outside of the capital Male’ which provides ID-card renewal services.

“The [defense] ministry noted that citizens faced difficulties renewing their ID-cards with the covid-19 restrictions, and allowed for Maldivian nationals to use their expired ID cards to book airline tickets, check-in, and at security check-points as long as the information on their expired documents was clear, according to circular 28-DASA/CIR/2021/7. This circular will be invalid beginning from February 22, 2023.” the Directorate of  Aviation Security Administration (DASA), operating under the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Maldives, said in a statement.

The government will be accepting up-to-date identifying documents of the following:

  • Passport
  • National ID card
  • Work visa card
  • License card
  • Airport security pass