Maldives Music Festival 2022 concludes


Raddison Blu Resort Maldives successfully hosted the second edition of Maldives Music Festival 2022.

The event held between 12th and 19th November, provided an immersive experience with rich culinary experiences and live music from world-renowned artists. Hosted across multiple venues,  it showcased live performances by musicians Apache, Facuando Mohrr, Kasango, Maga, Radice, Sean Doron, Ale Rauen, Luis Palma, Persio Semeraro, and Thiago Zanvaner.

The festival has been described as a ‘dream come true’ by travellers, and is targeted towards those enjoying vibrant party scenes during a relaxing retreat in Maldives.

The first Maldives Music Festival was held in 2021 by Radisson Blu Resort.