Nearly 30 international airlines operate flights to Maldives

According to Ministry of Tourism data, 29 international airlines, including worldwide prominent airlines, travel to Maldives.

Currently, Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airways operate the majority of flights to the Maldives.

Europe and the Middle East are the most popular Maldives tourist markets. India has the most airlines from one country, and it is the Maldives’ largest travel market for 2022. From India, four airlines operate to the Maldives.

Many Asian countries are resuming flight operations to the Maldives as their borders reopen following the pandemic.

Air Asia is one of the most recent carriers to link Asian nations to the Maldives. Kuwait Air, a Middle Eastern airline, just began operations.

According to the Tourism Ministry, 1,421,907 tourists have arrived so far this year. This is an increase compared to 1,088,170 tourists during the same period last year.