FSM reduces fuel prices at Hulhumale’ Fishermen’s Jetty

Fuel Supply Maldives (FSM) has stated that the price of fuel supplied at the Hulhuamle’ fishermen’s jetty would be decreased beginning Monday, November 28.

The fuel was formerly sold by the ENSIS Group, which operates a significant fishing business in the Maldives. As a result, it sold fuel at a higher price than MIFCO.

“We are arranging to sell fuel to fishermen at the same rate as MIFCO. Fishing vessels that are registered for fishing will be charged the same rate,” Mohammed Gassam, MD of FSM, stated.

Following the agreement signed on Sunday, FSM took over the fuel center operated by ENSIS.

MIFCO charges MVR 17.63 per litre of diesel sold to fishing boats.

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