Parliament approves MVR5.8 billion Supplementary Budget


The parliament approved the government’s additional budget on Monday.

The MVR 5.8 billion supplementary budget was approved by 61 votes to 8.

With the government’s planned extra budget, the budget deficit will exceed MVR 14.3 billion this year.

The following areas are covered in the supplementary budget for budget increase:

  • MVR 543.3 million for Thilamale’ Bridge
  • MVR 109.2 million for Addu Road Development
  • MVR 341.5 million for fuel subsidies
  • MVR 868.7 million for government enterprises
  • MVR 477 million for electricity subsidy
  • MVR 50 million for SIFCO housing project
  • MVR 730.9 million for Aasandha

Parliament also passed the planned budget for next year, worth MVR 42.8 billion, on Monday.