State receives MVR61.7 million in Green Tax in October


Heritance Aarah,

The government received MVR 61.7 million in green tax in October 2022, according to the Finance Ministry. The green tax is USD6 each person who spends their vacation at resorts, safaris, or hotels. and USD3 from guests staying at a guest house

The Finance Ministry said that resorts, guesthouses, and hotels collected MVR 60 million in green tax in October. Safaris brought in MVR 1.6 million, while homestays brought in MVR 1,196.

In October, the state received MVR 21.9 million in green tax from Kaafu Atoll. This includes 21.06 million MVR from resorts and 853,835.79 MVR from guesthouses.

Raa Atoll collected the second highest amount of green tax, MVR 4.7 million. This is totally paid by the resorts’ green tax.

Alif Alif Atoll had the third largest green tax collection, at MVR 4.6 million, from both resorts and guesthouses.

The lowest green tax collection in October was in Fuvahmulah, Thaa Atoll and Laamu Atoll. Statistics show that the Fuvahmulah City did not receive any green tax in October. Laamu Atoll generated MVR 86,221 while Thaa Atoll generated MVR 99,587 in green tax in October.

According to the Finance Ministry, the Green Fund had a total of MVR 801.9 million at the end of October.