Dream it, achieve it: Tenth-grader in Dhangethi builds a motorized kart from scrap


Hussain Haikal, a 16-year-old tenth-grade student from Alif Dhaal Atoll Dhangethi, demonstrated his talents by building a kart out of scrap materials. According to the local newspaper Hathaavees, Haikal had been contemplating about building a kart for several days.

Despite widespread skepticism, Haikal stated that he felt it was conceivable, owing mostly to his observations of his family members repairing and playing with electrical devices.

Haikal began working on the kart two months ago and finished it in three weeks.

Some of the materials used to construct the kart were from an older buggy made by his father. He revealed that the engine of the cart was created from a pump from a family safari. A gear box was then utilized. His grandfather contributed a lot of help in his project.

Haikal and his kart garnered a lot of attention after a TikTok video of him driving the cart went viral.

“The family was overjoyed when they saw the story in the papers. Everyone came home to see the kart,” Haikal explained. Newspaper report stated that there is an additional seat on the cart for another passenger.

Haikal does not intend to stop with just one cart. His current concentration is on creating a second version. The new project will begin shortly, according to Haikal, a tenth-grade student in the mixed stream.

Haikal has not settled on a certain career path after completing his secondary education. But, in his leisure time, he plans to develop such items, according to Haikal.