State collects MVR1.3 billion in Airport Taxes


The State has reportedly collected MVR 1.3 billion in Airport Development Fee (ADF) and Departure Tax in 2022.

According to the statistics by Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA), the State collected MVR 653.5 million in Departure Tax so far in 2022. This is double the amount collected in 2021, MVR 358.9 million.

In the same period in 2022, the State received MVR 668.2 million in Airport Development Fee.

The airport service charge for passengers departing from the airport was USD12 per local passenger and USD25 per foreign passenger. However, with the introduction of departure tax, the tax is levied according to the class of travel. The departure tax will be USD12 for local passengers traveling in economy class and USD30 for foreigners traveling in economy class. Business class fares are USD60 for local and foreign passengers.

As of September this year, MIRA has collected more than MVR 13 billion in revenue with Departure Tax accounted for 3.6% of the total revenue.