Horizon launches canned tuna pasta sauce

Horizon Fisheries launches canned tuna pasta sauce for the first time.

The local brand ‘Maandhoo Mas’ tuna pasta sauce was launched by Minister of Fisheries Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan during the festivities held in Gaaf Dhaal Atoll Faresmaathodaa to mark National Fishermen’s Day observed on December 10.

Aisha Zaima, General Manager of Horizon fisheries claims the product conceived owing to popularity of seafood and tuna in Maldivian cuisine. Though pasta is an Italian cuisine, Zaima notes its popularity among locals; usually cooked with a Maldivian flair.

Zaima said she believes the product will become popular in Maldives as well as abroad in the future. The product will ease preparation of cuisines for locals, reports Horizon Fisheries.

The company has spent a year developing the product. Horizon Fisheries conducted laboratory testing and analysis of ways to keep the products in bottles for longer without losing their original flavor.

Fresh tuna from the local sea and tomato sauce are used and no preservatives are used. The shelf life of the sauce is two years. This is the first time such a product has been produced in Maldives. Therefore, the sauce is designed to be used by people with various health problems.

Horizon Fisheries has already produced and marketed various products from tuna and seafood.

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