STELCO announce awards celebrating energy industry professionals

During the event held to commemorate STELCO’s 73rd anniversary | Photo: President’s Office

State Electric Company (STELCO) announced plans to host an awarding event celebrating the contributions of energy industry professionals.

The news was confirmed by STELCO Managing Director Ahmed Shareef, while speaking at the commemoration ceremony marking the utility provider’s 73rd anniversary. Shareef confirmed a national award will be extended to utility or energy industry contributors from 2023 onward.

“This award aims to celebrate the contributions made by industry professionals, innovations and development brought forth by individuals and entities alike as the energy industry turned 73 this year,” Shareef said.

He further confirmed individuals can submit names for the awards as well as associations or organizations that have contributed to the industry. Guidelines of the national award will be announced sometime during next year, while actual award date has yet to be announced.

Shareef also noted importance of such an award to acknowledge and encourage contributions and services of industry professionals, employees and other stakeholders. He also claimed such a celebration will work towards improving the energy industry conduct and operations prospectively.

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