MACL uses VR training for ramp operations

Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) commenced using virtual reality (VR) technology in their airport ramp trainings.

MACL’s media official Shamman Shakir confirmed that the company began using VR technology to facilitate regulatory training for airside employees, enhancing their learning experience.

While speaking about the company’s continued efforts for personnel development with modern tech integration, Shamman said MACL is using the International Air Transport Association (IATA) issued Ramp-VR in their training modules.

Under the first-ever VR-centered ramp training, 18 of MACL employees received training on December 4, 2022 with training areas focused on ramp marshalling, aircraft landing and taxiing.

“Through live simulation, employees will learn operational conduct within their work environment,” Shamman said.

Conventional training approaches hindered operational works at MACL, which the company hopes would be resolved with VR tech incorporation.

Speaking about the new tech’s integration, MACL General Manager Ali Saeed said, “We have plans to hold customized training for our staff. We will facilitate VR experience through renderings of Velana International Airport”.

He further added that the inclusion of virtual reality into the training will comparatively reduce training hours.