Dhiraagu to facilitate customers switching to SS Network

Sun Siyam Media Group COO alongside the newly formed SS Network employees | Photo: Sun Online

Sun Siya Media Group announces it will begin making arrangements for DhiraaguTV customers to transition to their new cable TV service.

SS Network Pvt Ltd, recently received its rebroadcasting license from Maldives Broadcasting Commission (MBC). The company is a recently conceived local rebroadcaster with full local ownership, which is a legal requirement for rebroadcasting under the Maldives Rebroadcasting Regulation (R-1/2022).

Meanwhile, the rebroadcaster in a statement said that the opportunity to apply for its cable services will be opened soon and Dhiraagu customers who apply for the service can easily switch to the SS Net services.

Dhiraagu earlier announced it will be suspending DhiraaguTV and DhiraaguPlay effective from January 29 after amendments to the Rebroadcasting Regulations barred any rebroadcaster with partial or full foreign ownership from receiving rebroadcasting license.

The telecom and internet services juggernaut has 52% of its stake owned by Bahrain Telecommunication Company (Batelco), due to which it is losing the rebroadcaster license.

The situation has dissipated, working in favor of Dhiraagu after it had come to an agreement with SS Network to provide its IPTV and OTT services.

Meanwhile, SS Network said it is gearing up to offer cable TV services across the company. The company will reportedly offer a mix of popular and brand new channels.

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