Sonee Hardware opens new outlet for wholesale customers

Sonee Hardware on Sunday, January 29, opened its newest outlet; “Sonee Wholesale.”

The new outlet was opened to provide top-quality power-tool products to hardware retailers, construction industry companies, and others looking to purchase items in bulk.

Local hardware retailers and construction industry companies often import power tools and construction-related materials in bulk quantities that often incur heavy costs on them. This results in higher mark-ups and a subsequently higher retail price on products sold to general consumers. Sonee opened its newest wholesale outlet to reduce the costs of importing goods from abroad by local businesses, and drive down the retail price of products.

“Sonee Wholesale” provided discounts of up to 35 percent on all of its products Sunday, as part of its opening day. The outlet offers over 2,000 products from 45 brands including ABB, Ledvance, Red Fox, Litaflex, Alva, Orient, Dunlop, and WaterTec among other products.

The new wholesale outlet is located on the ground floor of Maafannu Shine Tree building, which also houses Salt Restaurant on its top two floors.