Agro National unveils Agro Boat design

Agro National has unveiled the concept design of their Agro Boat; the latest inclusion into its nationwide operation of supplying farmers produce.

The state-owned enterprise has already commenced physical works of developing the vessels. Agro National reported it is currently developing two 65-foot fiberglass boats for the purpose.

The recently unveiled concept art shows the vessels are designed with contemporary aesthetics and will feature state-of-the-art equipment. The vessels are designed cold storage units ensuring safe storage of perishables and fresh produce.

Agro National confirms the vessels will include designated cargo compartments and a storage ‘hut’. The cargo compartments will measure 6 by 18 feet each; temperatures will be maintained to avoid damages to perishables or produce.

Additionally, the vessels will have living quarters with sleeping and dining spaces, and lavatories for crew members.

The company also said the vessels will feature solar panels on their decks. The cooling systems in the storage units will be powered through these panels.

Agro National stated the project is carried with the financial support of Japanese government, while vessels are developed through the financial aid granted by United Nations Development Project (UNDP).

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