State total assets at MVR24.8bn, reports MMA

The total assets of the state are currently at MVR24.8 billion, reports Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA).

According to the central bank’s latest update on the state’s financial position, the total assets are now at MVR24,773,694,494 as of January 31, 2023.

The total foreign currency financial assets as of January 31 are at MVR12.5 billion (MVR12,535,240,638). The total local currency financial assets by the same review date are at MVR11.93 billion (MVR11,928,531,322). Meanwhile, the total financial assets are at MVR24.46 billion (MVR24,463,771,960).

On the other hand, the total local currency non-financial assets are at MVR309.9 million (MVR309,922,534).

Foreign Currency Financial Assets

  • Cash and balance with banks: MVR8.34 billion
  • IMF-related assets: MVR478.4 million
  • Subscriptions to international agencies: MVR833,140
  • Interest and other receivables: MVR54.7 million
  • Investments in securities: MVR3.66 billion

Local Currency Financial Assets

  • Cash and balances with banks: MVR48.03 million
  • Subscriptions to international agencies: MVR8.3 million
  • Cheques for collection: MVR1.02 million
  • Interest and other receivables: MVR5.4 million
  • Investment in Government T-Bills: MVR56.4 million
  • Advances to Government: MVR3.48 billion
  • Investment in Government treasury bonds: MVR8.3 billion
  • Investments held at local banks: MVR14.9 million
  • Short-term loans: MVR1.89 million
  • Long-term loans: MVR39,353

Local Currency Non-financial Assets

  • Gold and silver assets: MVR46.7 million
  • Inventories: MVR83.9 million
  • Property, plant, and equipment: MVR150.4 million
  • Intangible assets: MVR11.2 million
  • Other assets: MVR17.6 million

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