Local produce increases at STO Agri Center

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Fresh produces from Gaaf Dhaalu Vaadhoo fills up the aisles of the Agri Center run by State Trading Organization (STO).

STO Agri Center has started wholesaling and retailing several fresh produce made in Vaadhoo which include sweet potato, butternut squash, pumpkin, and tomato.

Wholesale Prices

  • Sweet potato: MVR 34 (5 kilograms)
  • Pumpkin: MVR 18 (5 kilograms)
  • Butternut Squash: MVR 27 (5 kilograms)
  • Tomato: MVR 23 (5 kilograms)

STO opened their Agri Center to support local farmers community by marketing their produce. The largest state-owned enterprise in the country has maintained its efforts to promote sustained agriculture in the Maldives through various initiatives; the Agri Center being their most notable effort to date.

The center provides wholesale and retail prices on the produce which STO purchases from local farmers to drive their profitability. The center is responsible in supplying the produce to local tourist resorts and other businesses.

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