Male’ City Council denies Vilimale’ improper land allocation allegations

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Male’ City Council has rejected allegations made that the authority leased land from Vilimale’ to RedWave company in breach of lease regulations.

The statement was a response to Vilimale’ councilor Nahula Ali’s allegations that the plot of land was leased to the company without involving her in the decision. Ali further said she was not informed of the terms of the agreement, and that she needed to be made aware of it as the councilor representing the constituency.

The council on Saturday said that RedWave was allocated the land after announcing in 2022 that it would establish a commercial establishment in Vilimale’ to provide easy access to services.

Moreover, the council said that due procedure was followed by making announcements and opening for bids.

The land was allocated to RedWave in a unanimous decision, after several discussions at the council meeting. The council alleged that not only Ali was present in these meetings but also voted in favor of the decision.

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