Male’ City Council to launch Vilimale’ buggy service


Male’ City Council said it was preparing to launch buggy services in Vilimale’ on March 16, 2023.

The news was confirmed by the city’s mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu via Twitter, while the authority had transported 10 buggies to the island last Thursday.

“The buggy services will be free of charge until the end of Eid-ul-Fitr,” Muizzu said.

The council had said it will be charging MVR2 for buggy trips, with separate fares charged for private hires. The rates of private hires will differ depending on the size of the buggy. As such, private hire rates based on buggy size are;

  • 4-seat buggies: MVR6.00
  • 6-seat buggies: MVR10.00
  • 12-seat buggies: MVR15.00

According to Male’ City Council, children below the age of six, school students in uniform, persons with special needs registered with NSPA, and elderly citizens above 65 will be able to travel for free.

The batch of buggies transported to Vilimale’ included two luggage-carrier types and one used in emergencies.