Storage of metals in residential areas mount complaints

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the Maldives has reported receiving multiple complaints of metal warehousing in residential areas of Male’ City.

The agency said that it had received more than dozens of complaints from the public about several warehouses that are actively storing, treating, or recycling metal such as aluminum, iron, and copper in heavily populated residential areas.

EPA further said that the storage of metal in warehouses within residential zones posed health risks and exposed the public to dangerous conditions. The agency also advised the storage, treatment, and recycling of waste or scraps should be done so after acquiring relevant permissions from them.

The agency also urged waste or scrap dealers to take proper precautions and implement safety measures.

“We request all the parties working on storing, cleaning, and recycling metal and iron to submit for permit with us within 30 days from the date of this announcement,” EPA urged.

Storage of hazardous content within residential areas of Male’ City is a constant issue. The city has observed several incidents due to the storage of dangerous chemicals in unsafe conditions within residential zones.

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