MTCC provides updates on multiple developmental projects

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) have provided updates on three of its ongoing infrastructural development projects in three local islands.

The projects include harbor development projects in ADh. Dhigurah, B. Kamadhoo, and R. Maduvvari.

R. Maduvvari

MTCC said that the harbor development project on the island is well underway. The contractor delivered the remaining shipment of rock boulders to the project site on Thursday, March 9.

Meanwhile, the contractor is currently working on the construction of the breakwater and the installation of mooring blocks.

The project scope includes;

  • Dredging: 73,120 cubic meters
  • Channel dredging: 7,280 cubic meters
  • Quay wall construction: 582 meters
  • Pavement installation: 2,840 square meters
  • Ramp and concrete jetty construction
  • Harbor and navigation lights installation
  • Revetment construction: 135 meters
  • Project value: MVR 82.19 million

B. Kamadhoo

The project is well underway with overall 52% project progress. MTCC last Thursday confirmed that the contractor delivered a second shipment of rock boulders to the project site.

The project scope includes;

  • Dredging: 30,933 cubic meters
  • Channel dredging: 5,085 cubic meters
  • Breakwater construction: 181 meters
  • Revetment: 656 meters
  • Quay wall: 392 meters
  • Harbor pavement installation: 1,670 square meters
  • Ramp construction
  • Harbor and navigational lights installation
  • Project value: MVR48.63 million

ADh. Dhigurah

Physical works of the harbor development project commenced on March 8, 2023.

The project scope includes;

  • Dredging: 64,416 cubic meters
  • Channel dredging: 6,770 cubic meters
  • Quay wall: 294 meters
  • Breakwater: 287 meters
  • Revetment: 98 meters
  • Harbor pavement installation: 2,324 square meters
  • Construction of a ramp, jetty, and an apron
  • Harbor lights installation
  • Project value: MVR50.02 million

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