Ramadan Sale: shop for what you need in Male’ City

Ramadan, the holy month of fasting for the Muslim community, is now around the corner. In preparation for Ramadan, households around the country are freshening up their homes with thorough cleaning (akin to spring cleaning) and getting ready to bring new items home. The list of things that get replaced for Ramadan is many: from old pots and pans, kitchen utensils and tools to make cooking and baking easier, new bedsheets to sink into, new tables or chairs that fit into the current home spaces, to even getting new plants to make the home cozy!

In keeping up with the tradition of Ramadan, stores around the country have put on their annual Ramadan sale – where customers can get discounts of up to % on different items! Paired with the Ramadan bonus, this is the perfect time for shopping. And we know where the best places are – read below to find out!


Location: Ameer Ahmed Magu

Asters is a staple store with five stories full of items. Starting from electronics and home appliances on the ground floor, bedroom items on the first floor, kitchen items on the second floor, furniture showroom on the third floor, and office items on the fourth floor – you can find almost everything you’re looking for under one roof. In keeping up with its slogan of ‘Low prices, always’, Asters offers items at the lowest end of the price bracket as well as more expensive items. Here are some items recommended to buy from Asters:

  • Bedsheets, pillowcases, and quilt covers: soft cotton or polyester available in various patterns and sizes
  • Kitchen utensils: containers, cooking tools, pots, and pans available for cheap
  • Plates, glasses, and cups: in various shapes and colors
  • Kettles, blenders, sandwich makers, etc: all that can be put to good use in Ramadan!

Pros: Lots of different products. Very cheap prices.
Cons: Very long queues. Very crowded and narrow spaces to navigate.

Payment mode: Cash or card only.


Location: Majeedhee Magu & Sosun Magu

Nowadays, you can find a Redwave shop in almost every neighborhood while the franchise has been expanding rapidly, even opening its Redwave Central in the middle of the city next to Redwave Mall. Redwave Central offers a wide variety of healthy foods and snacks. But its upper floors have more – from bedroom items to bathroom items, it’s worth having a look. Here are our top picks to buy from Redwave:

  • Containers: there are options for the bedroom or kitchen, and even ones to organize cabinets and closets!
  • Cleaning products: from bathroom cleaning items to kitchen cleaning items, they have options
  • Spice boxes: spice holders are available in sets
  • Towels & dishcloths: available in different microfibres
  • Pots and pans: many different brands available
  • Groceries: their leafy greens, legumes, and root vegetable options are great!

Pros: Colourful and aesthetic options available. Many different brands are available. Lots of different outlets.
Cons: Not enough salespeople to assist.

Payment mode: Cash, card, or transfer available.

Red Star

Locations: Chaandhanee Magu & Fareedhee Magu

Red Star is a popular place to buy kitchenware – they have everything you may need to make a fancy dish at home! Red Star mainly supplies to resorts in the country, and their products are high-end and high-quality. As such, despite their Ramadan sale, their products are still expensive. However, if you are looking for very specific kitchen tools, this may be the place for you!

Our picks from Red Star:

  • Jugs, juicers, water, and  containers: beautiful and clean designs available
  • Jars and food containers: available in many different sizes

Pros: High High-quality cuts
Cons: Narrow range of items and brands available

Payment method: cash, card, or transfer available.

Ace Hardware

Location: Filigas Magu & Alhivilla Magu

Ace Hardware may be on the high end of the price bracket, but they have some aesthetically pleasing high-quality products that will make your home more lively! If you have the budget to spare, you can find many items for home use in ACE Hardware – not to mention their collection of candles is coveted by many.

Our picks from Ace Hardware:

  • Baskets and containers:
  • Plate sets and trays: available in many beautiful designs, including options for kids

Pros: High-quality and aesthetically beautiful products
Cons: High price bracket

Payment method: Cash or card only.


Location: Chaandhanee Magu

Agora’s mall not only offers a variety of cosmetic products and home decor, but it’s also a place to settle down and have ice cream on a hot day. Agora’s Baskin’s Robbins counter offers a wide variety of flavor options, and they also sell ice cream cakes for different occasions! They have recently opened up a dine-in space for people to take a moment and even help themselves to their baked goods! However, they only have a limited number of items on sale for Ramadan. This includes:

  • Bedsheets, duvets, pillowcases: all available in one package
  • Plates, bowls, and glasses: at very low prices!

Pros: Many options for glassware and plates are available
Cons: Limited range of items

Payment method: Cash, card, or Scan to pay.

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