BML introduces additional login notifications to enhance security


Bank of Maldives (BML) has enabled email alerts for all failed login attempts on the Internet and Mobile Banking applications.

The login notification feature has been added as a further step to protect customers, and an additional email alert will be sent if the Internet or Mobile Banking services are disabled following three consecutive failed login attempts.

BML said that the notifications have been enabled to ensure customers are made aware of any attempts to log into their Internet or Mobile Banking services. The notification will be sent to the mail address registered with the bank.

Customers are also advised to change passwords immediately if they notice any unusual login activity.

This comes as the latest in the bank’s efforts to enhance security measures to protect customers from scams. BML had earlier enabled authenticator apps to generate OTPs and after that enabled OTPs for all Scan to Pay payments.

BML also disabled email as a default OTP channel to protect unauthorized access into customers’ Internet or Mobile Banking services should their emails be compromised. The bank has already begun sending login alerts and push notifications for all Internet and Mobile Banking transactions.