Pre-authorization for vehicle imports no longer required

The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation has revised its vehicle registration regulation by revoking the requirement for pre-authorization to import automobiles and other four-wheeler vehicles.

Before the change, importers were required to obtain permission from the ministry by submitting a vehicle de-registration form or an original document from the vehicle’s manufacturer, which was difficult since obtaining required information for it were challenging. Importers were also required to submit a garage permit to request the document.

The amendment has combined two separate processes into one, and importers can now submit a filled LR1 form for vehicle registration without an L10 application.

However, the ministry still requires importers to provide the manufacturer’s certificate or any other original document issued by the manufacturer along with other relevant information include invoices, de-registration certificates, export certificates, manufacturer’s name, vehicle’s model, engine, and chassis numbers, as well as the year of the model.

Additionally, importers must provide a roadworthiness report and a garage document issued by the relevant authority to the ministry for registration.

The ministry eliminated the two-pronged importation process to help facilitate import of vehicles and render the process smoother.

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