Ramadan’s top fruit prices drops, vegetable prices soar

Demand for food commodities skyrocket in general every Ramadan, and this year is no different as local consumers report significant price inflations on local and imported produce at the market.

However, prices of watermelon and chili, two of the most in-demand and popular produce in Ramadan, are well within the regular rates. Watermelons are currently between MVR20 and 30 per kilogram, while locally popular Kandoodhoo chilies are going between MVR210 and 300 per kilogram.

Prices of coconut and lemon observed the highest price bumps, with the latter currently sold at MVR80 per kilogram and the former sold between MVR15 and 20 per nut.

Vegetables have higher demand among consumers during Ramadan compared to fruits. Despite this, several fruit groups observed price bumps.

Apples and Oranges are now sold between MVR5 and 8 per fruit, grapes are sold at MVR170 per kilogram, fresh dates at MVR160 per kilogram, and bananas are now sold between MVR75 and 80 per kilogram.

Local produce saw significant presence during this year’s Ramadan, especially the presence of local mango which are now sold between MVR65 and 100 per kilogram.

Cucumbers on the other hand, are now sold at MVR65 per kilogram and butternut squash are sold at MVR25 per kilogram, and collard greens are sold at MVR10 per stack.

Dry fish are now sold at MVR 80 and 100 per kilogram.

While prices have skyrocketed ahead of Ramadan, several vendors are hopeful commodity prices are likely to drop in the coming days.

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