MWSC to upgrade water and sewerage system in Maafushi

The Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) announced its plans to improve the water and sewerage system in K. Maafushi.

At a press conference about the project, MWSC Managing Director Hassan Shah confirmed recently visiting Maafushi and speaking the residents about their concerns related to the island’s water and sewerage system.

The island requires a well-established water and sewerage system in light of the growing population, households, and guesthouses.

The MWSC front man further said that both the corporation and the government are aware of the issues in the island. Shah also said that the corporation and the state are actively working to resolve the water and sewerage issues.

Meanwhile, the utility provider confirmed that preparations are being made to include financial arrangements to commence the project. Additionally, the sewerage disposal work is carried out in the Maafushi Prison.

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