Govt contracts MTCC for two new projects

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The Maldives government on Tuesday, April 11 has signed with the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) for two new urban development projects.

The projects include the harbor development project in Vaavu atoll Thinadhoo and the shore protection protection project in Baa atoll Hithaadhoo.

Signing was for the projects was held on Tuesday afternoon at the ministry.

The Permanent Secretary of the Maldives National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure Zeeniya Hameed signed on behalf of the ministry and the Chief Operating Officer of MTCC Shahid Hussain Moosa signed on behalf of the contractor.

B. Hithaadhoo Shore Protection Project

Project Scope;

  • Beach development/sand-filling: 7,800 cubic meters
  • Geo-bag Revetment: 610 meters
  • Groynes: 230 meters
  • Project Cost: MVR16.96 million
  • Project Duration: 180 days

V. Thinadhoo Harbor Development Project

Project Scope;

  • Dredging new harbor basin: 12,800 cubic meters
  • Channel dredging: 860 meters
  • Breakwater: 77 meters
  • Revetment: 482 meters
  • Ramp Construction: 10 meters in length, 9 meters in width
  • Installation of Mooring Buoys
  • Concrete Bridge: 16 meters x 2 meters
  • Harbor Pavement: 1,847.11 square meters
  • Curb installation: 291 meters
  • Project Cost: 40.57 million
  • Project Duration: 360 days

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