WAMCO seeks parties to sell bin liners

Waste Management Corporation (WAMCO) has announced businesses the opportunity to wholesale and retail bin liners sold by them.

The corporation will begin sale of bin liners from Thursday, April 28 onwards. Interested business can submit their applications.

Under the Waste Management Act, the Maldives government began charging a fee of MVR2.00 on plastic bags last Tuesday, a move that was met with criticism due to rising prices of plastic bags.

WAMCO is working to procure 2 million plastic bags from Leesa Maldives, the only local company producing plastic bags and bin liners. The corporation anticipates this will quell the rising concerns among general consumers over bumping plastic bag prices.

The corporation will sell green and black bin liners of three sizes; the former specific for perishables and other biodegradables, and the latter for other types of waste items.

The Waste Management Act notes that plastic bags or bin liners sold by waste management companies for garbage disposal are exempt from the fee. The act further exempts bags used to pack fresh and raw fish or fish products, and bags issued from duty-free shops.