Exports increase by 51%, Imports by 10%

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The total exported goods from the Maldives increased by 51% in March 2023, reported the Maldives Customs Service.

According to the authority, Maldives exported MVR344 million worth commodities in the review month.

On the other hand, imported goods inclusive of fuel rose by 10%; MVR4.3 billion. Imported goods excluding fuel rose by 14%; MVR3.6 billion.

Major Import Commodities

  1. Food items (excluding pork, alcohol, tobacco): MVR924 million
  2. Fuel (marine gas oil (diesel), petrol, aviation gas): MVR706 million
  3. Machinery and mechanical appliance: MVR596 million
  4. Vessels, aircraft and parts thereof: MVR435 million
  5. Base metal and articles of base metal: MVR328 million

Major Import Countries

  1. UAE: MVR 753 million
  2. India: MVR 696 million
  3. Oman: MVR 467 million
  4. Singapore: MVR 408 million
  5. China: MVR 357 million

Major Export Commodities

  1. Skipjack tuna (stripe-bellied bonito; frozen): MVR224 million
  2. Skipjack tuna (prepared or preserved): MVR54 million
  3. Yellowfin tuna chunk (fresh or chilled): MVR11 million
  4. Yellowfin tuna (fresh or chilled): MVR10 million
  5. Yellowfin tuna loins (frozen): MVR9 million

Major Export Countries

  1. Thailand: MVR 225 million
  2. UK: MVR 31 million
  3. France: MVR 41 million
  4. Italy: MVR 9 million
  5. Turkiye: MVR 8 million

Maldives Customs reported a revenue of MVR330 million in March; a 3% increase. Royalties collected during the month stood at MVR14 million.

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