City Council to deploy ‘Community Engagement Officers’

Male’ City Council will deploy 80 Community Engagement Officers to monitor the roads and streets of Male’ and Vilimale’ starting from May 15, 2023.

During a press conference on last Thursday, May 04, Male’ City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said that the officers are deployed as part of the council’s strategic action plan for the current term, and aims to address municipal issues.

“The team will monitor and rectify municipal issues such as waste, unlawful use of pavements and parking areas, and ensuring safety at construction sites by removing any objects or practices that may endanger the public. This is a crucial step towards solving municipal issues,” Dr. Muizzu commented.

The mayor also said establishing a dedicated department to address such municipal issues will ensure proper monitoring of the roads, and also relieve the public from the burden of addressing the issues every time.

The Community Engagement Officers will wear designated uniforms, making them easily identifiable, and will patrol the streets in two shifts. The officers will be active every hour except between 00:00hrs and 08:00hrs.

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