Fenfushi pre-school park developed through BML Community Fund

Alifu Dhaalu atoll Fenfushi island’s pre-school park has been developed through the Bank of Maldives (BML) Community Fund.

The project was carried out by the island’s local NGO, Fenfushi Zuvaanunge Dhirun. The park is now open for school children and general public.

Speaking about the project, President of the local NGO, Ahmed Abdul Muhsin said, “We have not had a park for children on the island. Our mission was to create a space to strengthen the community spirit, and provide recreational and relaxation for children and families.”

“We are very pleased to get this opportunity to support the community in such a way and thank BML for their ongoing work,” Muhsin added.

The Community Fund initiative was launched to empower individuals and local NGOs to contribute to their communities through sustainable projects. So far, more than 80 such projects across the country have been carried out through the support of BML Community Fund.