Hot air balloon trips to launch in the Maldives

A hot air balloon tested in the island of Mahibadhoo | Photo: PSM News

Local guesthouse, ‘Gobby Lodge’ has conducted relevant tests before launching full-fledged hot air balloon trips in the Maldives.

The Managing Director of the guesthouse operated in Mahibadhoo, Mohamed Shujau said that the Maldives tourism industry has developed differently compared to everywhere else in the world.

He added that while the Maldives is known for its natural beauty, there are several recreational activities that can be executed in the country.

“We are expecting to launch this to the public by September [2023]. Several resorts have already requested for this, and several of them contacted us when we were testing them,” Shujau said.

Shujau said that Gobby Lodge acquired the relevant permissions from Civil Aviation to run test trips. The authority permitted the guesthouse to fly the balloons near the surrounding vicinity of Mahibadhoo. The balloons will conclude its trips with a sea landing, added Shujau.

Civil Aviation permits hot air balloon activities in areas with no flight or seaplane landings.

Meanwhile, Gobby Lodge said they will explore other areas for possible expansion with the support of Civil Aviation.