Imports observe 4% drop, exports see 4% bump

The total imports, inclusive of fuel, observed a 4% decline in April 2023, reports the Maldives Customs Service.

Total imports, inclusive of fuel stood at MVR4.5 billion whereas, total imports, excluding fuel stood at MVR3.7 billion; which is a 19% increment.

Maldives Customs Service reported a royalty of MVR2.2 million in the review month, while customs revenue stood at MVR305 million; a 16% decline.

Meanwhile, exports saw a 4% increment in April, registering a total of MVR193 million.

Major Importing Categories

  1. Fuel (marine gas oil – diesel, petrol, aviation gas): MVR838 million
  2. Food items (excluding pork, alcohol, tobacco): MVR816 million
  3. Machinery & mechanical appliance (electrical): MVR731 million
  4. Base metal and articles of base metal: MVR388 million
  5. Vessels, aircraft and parts thereof: MVR270 million

Major Importing Countries

  1. India: MVR757 million (17%)
  2. Oman: MVR707 million (16%)
  3. UAE: MVR573 million (13%)
  4. China: MVR520 million (11%)
  5. Singapore: MVR467 million (10%)

Major Exported Categories

  1. Skipjack Tuna (stripe-bellied bonito – frozen): MVR100 million
  2. Skipjack Tuna (prepared and preserved): MVR62 million
  3. Yellowfin Tuna Loins (frozen): MVR7 million
  4. Copper waste and scrap: MVR4 million
  5. Skipjack Tuna fish chips (dried): MVR3 million

Major Exported Countries

  1. Thailand: MVR86 million (45%)
  2. UK: MVR35 million (18%)
  3. Germany: MVR22 million (11%)
  4. Mauritius: MVR11 million (6%)
  5. India: MVR10 million (5%)

Customs also reported a total of 4 cargo vessel arrivals and 1 departure during April.

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