Chinese arrivals exceed 40k as of May 20

The total number of Chinese arrivals to the Maldives has exceeded 40,000 as of May 20, 2023, reported the Ministry of Tourism.

According to the ministry in their most recent update, Chinese tourist arrivals from January 1 to May 20 stood at a total of 41,509. They are currently ranked sixth in the top 10 source markets to the Maldives so far, while maintaining strong growth momentum and has replaced USA to reach its current spot.

Top 10 Markets – as of May 20

  1. Russia: 90,262
  2. India: 86,988
  3. UK: 70,485
  4. Italy: 59,070
  5. Germany: 56,422
  6. China: 41,509
  7. USA: 31,610
  8. France: 28,617
  9. Switzerland: 18,769
  10. South Korea: 13,897

Meanwhile, the total tourist arrivals to the Maldives by the review date stood at 768,667, indicating that the current arrival total was exactly 231,333 travelers shy of hitting the 1 millionth arrival mark.

Earlier, the Maldives government announced an annual arrival target of 1.8 million subject to change according to the Minister of Tourism Dr. Abdulla Mausoom, and observe a 10% increment once Chinese market resumes.

Based on the new arrival trends, and in light of the Chinese market’s resumption, the government has revised the annual arrival target for 1.9 million.