BML announces Community Fund 2023 winners

A beach waiting and resting area developed in a local island through BML Community Fund | Photo: BML

Bank of Maldives on Monday, May 22 announced the 10 winning proposals for the first phase of its Community Fund in 2023.

The winning projects are;

  • Skate Park – R. Dhuvaafaru | by Dhuvaafaru Zuvaanunge Jamiyya
  • Shaded waiting space for parents and children – Gn. Fuvahmulah | by Dhadimagu Zuvaanunge Jamiyya
  • Development of Olhamathaa Eco Park Phase 2 – GDh. Hoadedhoo | by Hoadedhoo Sports
  • Dhodhi picnic and camping area – B. Dharavandhoo | by Dharavandhoo Ekuveri Zuvaanun
  • Development of Thinadhoo Kulhi – GDh. Thinadhoo | by Huvadhoo Swimming Club
  • Reading park at Mulak School – M. Mulak | by Community Empowerment Linkage (CEL)
  • Harbor waiting area – L. Kunahandhoo | by Kunahandhoo Island Nomination Group (KING)
  • Providing sports equipment to Nellaidhoo School – HDh. Nellaidhoo | by Fato Sports Academy
  • Ocean education program – S. Hithadhoo | by Maldives Manta Conservation Program
  • Harbor waiting area and public restroom – S. Feydhoo | by Addu Eco Club

The Community Fund was initiated to empower local NGOs and individuals to contribute to their community through sustainable projects.

As of today, BML has provided financial assistance for 90 projects across the Maldives under its Community Fund.