Fenaka Corporation checks criminal records of employees

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A branch of Fenaka Corporation

The management of Fenaka Corporation has directed all of its employees to clear their criminal records.

Newly appointed MD to Fenaka, Muaz Mohamed Rasheed said that employees were asked to clear their criminal records since the previous government failed to address this when hiring the staff.

“This is being done to ensure the safety and security of all employees,” Muaz said.

The former Madaveli MP said that an employee of the company has already been implicated in a murder case due to the company failing to clear the criminal records of hired employees. He stressed that it was paramount to clear the criminal records of employees to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Muaz said the criminal record clearance will be completed by the end of the current week.

He further added legal department of the corporation would make decisions regarding employees convicted of criminal offenses.

The MD also highlighted that to date Fenaka Corporation has 8,000 employees, making it largest state-owned enterprise in terms of workforce. He also noted that this figure was more than the required number for the corporation, and added that the matter is currently under investigation.

From its total workforce, Fenaka Corporation has 2,000 contract-based employees.

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