Fenaka not to renew some contractual staff agreements

Fenaka Corporation’s Managing Director Muaz Mohamed Rasheed has said that no employee of the company has been laid off yet.

However, he added that the contracts of employees without a set job description, mainly contractual staff, would not be renewed once their contract term expires.

Muaz said that when the contract of such employees expire, and there isĀ  no more work left to attend at the site, the contract period of said employees would not be extended.

During the former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration, Fenaka Corporation had hired 2,000 people as ‘contract staff’ for various tasks. Out of these, 1,800 were employed for small-scale projects initiated by the utility provider.

Fenaka, during the former President Solih’s government, became one of the state-owned companies with the largest number of employees, reaching a workforce total of 7,300.

Muaz said that this number exceeded beyond the company’s actual requirement for employees.

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