The Maldives’ first and permanent skydiving dropzone inaugurated

Daredevils have conquered the sky above Ifuru Island Maldives!

An entourage of sky diving world’s big leaguers that includes the Red Bull aerial athlete Fred Fugen and multiple world record holder David Nimmo along with likeminded thrill seekers have taken to the skies above Ifuru Island Maldives to launch the Maldives’ first and permanent skydiving dropzone.

The recently opened all-inclusive, all-sunset, all-beach Ifuru Island Maldives, making the most of its own airport, teamed up with 21k-jump World Champion skydiver Will Penny and Skydive Maldives, Ifuru Island to create the skydiving dropzone that has opened a brand new chapter in the Maldivian hospitality scene.

To mark the official launch of the dropzone, an all-star lineup of skydiving champions, world record holders, and aerial junkies gathered to perform a series of daring stunts.

Professional skydiver, base jumper, wingsuit pilot and all-round daredevil Fugen – known for his exhilarating stunts with the world’s most popular energy drink brand, Red Bull – took to the air with his wife Laurence Fugen to perform an array of stunts, including wingsuiting their way down to earth with a skydiver upon each of their backs.

Australian skydiver Richard Pym flew a record-breaking 300-square-meter Maldivian Flag and 300-square-meter Ifuru Island flag through the skies during two impressive jumps that left the spectators spellbound in awe.

“It was beautiful, always so nice to fly above this landscape and super cool to fly the wingsuit in front of you guys, land on the beach. What a day. Another beautiful day in Ifuru,” said Fred Fugen freshly after making landing from one of his wingsuit flights.

Five-times world champion Raph Coudray; multiple world-record holders David Nimmo and Luis Lopez-Mendez; and Spanish multiple national champion Dani Gallego did not shy away from showing their aerial talents. The quartet collectively took to the skies up to 100 times a day throughout the launch week, performing a range of synchronized stunts and individual jumps.

Intrepid Nepali mountaineer and hero of Netflix documentary 14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible, Nimsdai Purja MBE was also on island to join the skydiving adventure.

Speaking about the first and permanent skydiving dropzone’s launch in the Maldives was World Champion freestyle skydiver and Skydive Maldives’ Manager Will Penny, who said, “We are incredibly happy to be here with Skydive Maldives at Ifuru Island Maldives. We’ve worked very hard for many months, to put everything in place, we have a fantastic team, incredible infrastructure and we can’t wait to welcome the world to experience this.”

“We have a team of very experienced professionals and tandem instructors. After a short safety briefing, within 20 minutes guests can be on a plane harnessed to a very experienced instructor, and enjoy the experience of a free fall and canopy ride before landing safety back on earth and going for a swim in the sea as well as enjoying the rest of this amazing resort.”

— Will Penny, Manager, Skydive Maldives

Skydive Maldives’ instructor David Lince said, “As a skydiving instructor, I really want to take happiness to its highest level – and doing this means having not only the best team, but also the best place to skydive.”

From November 2023 to the end of March 2024, guests can take to the sky before enjoying a captivating skydive over the turquoise and crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

Skydiving experiences are currently available to book at a special launch price at Ifuru Island Maldives right now, for USD550++.

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