NSPA issues guidelines on medical checkup provisions

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The National Social Protection Agency (NSPA) has issued new guidelines on the provision of services under the Aasandha Scheme, which would include provision of free medical checkups for Maldivians.

Under the new guidelines, medical checkup services will be provided to individuals under packages specific to age groups designated by the Aasandha Company Limited; applicable for once every year.

Individuals with a medical checkup can seek a second checkup within the same year provided they have a doctor’s recommendation.

The medical checkup will be considered completed once the patient receives all the services prescribed in the package. Medical checkup services will be provided through government hospitals and health centers, with the results of these checkups shared with Aasandha under a specific policy.

The guidelines further state that the cost of transferring patients abroad for treatment can be covered under Aasandha only after applying for it. If the change in the cost of transferring the patient is less than 10%, the arrangement will be made with no additional cost and if the change in cost is beyond 10%, the additional cost must borne by the patient; in which case, Aasandha will share the details of the estimated costs to the patient to obtain their consent.

If patients transfers to other hospitals midway into their treatment, and if the examinations from the previous hospitals are repeated, the costs shall be covered by the patient.

Moreover, if the hospital to which the patient changes, is in the same city as the originally designated one, the travel expenses will be covered through Aasandha. However, if the new hospital is located in a different city, travel expenses must be borne by the patient.

Requests for a transfer for treatment abroad should be for foreign hospitals that accept Aasandha insurance.

Aasandha will publish details of the grading of foreign hospitals that accept its insurance.

Additionally, treatment of women’s health issues such as endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) will be available through any diagnosis under Aasandha and will be available for free from centers registered under the company.

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