Tourist arrivals at 1.79 million by December 19

Tourist arrivals to the Maldives reaches over 1.79 million as of December 19, 2023, according to the Ministry of Tourism.

As per statistics from the ministry, tourist arrivals stood at 1,795,501 by the review date. The current arrival is 12.5% more than the arrival total in the same period last year.

Right now, the daily arrival average is 5,376 in annual terms. The average duration of stay is 7.6 days in annual terms as well.

Top 10 Markets

  1. Russia: 200,508
  2. India: 199,909
  3. China: 183,857
  4. UK: 148,605
  5. Germany: 129,723
  6. Italy: 106,633
  7. USA: 71,373
  8. France: 46,727
  9. Spain: 39,106
  10. South Korea: 35,514

The most notable change in the top 10 markets as of the latest review date is the reemergence of South Korea among the top 10 markets after replacing Switzerland at the tenth spot.

Meanwhile, arrivals from Russia has exceeded 200,000 while India is following closely behind with over 199,000 arrivals.

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