Maldives attracts over 145,000 travelers so far

Tourist arrivals | Photo: Visit Maldives

The Maldives has attracted over 145,000 travelers as of January 24, 2024, reports the Ministry of Tourism.

According to the Ministry, tourist arrivals as of the review date reached a total of 146,674; which is a 10.3% increase from the same period in 2023.

Top 10 Markets, 2024

  1. Russia: 16,043
  2. Italy: 15,405
  3. China: 12,449
  4. UK: 12,288
  5. India: 11,424
  6. Germany: 9,021
  7. USA: 5,466
  8. France: 5,144
  9. Poland: 4,249
  10. Kazakhstan: 2,897

While Russia comfortably maintains dominance, Italy has remained in second spot through the year so far. China has observed the strongest momentum, dethroning UK from the third spot. India, which was in sixth position as of the previous update has moved a rank up to fifth.

India remained the top market in 2023, annually with 209,198 arrivals while Russia followed closely behind in the second place with 209,146 and China ended the previous year in third place with 187,118.

While it appears China has grabbed its 2023 spot, the recent developments between the Maldives and China, especially the Maldivian government’s request to China to increase tourism boost and the recent recommencement of direct arrivals from Hong Kong may push the Chinese market further up throughout 2024.

Currently Maldives consists of 175 resorts, 15 hotels, 809 guesthouses, and 140 safari vessels at operational capacity which contributes to a combined bed capacity of 61,466.

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