Minister aims for 2.3 million tourist arrivals, surpassing the official goal

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Tourism Minister addressing a ceremony – Photo posted on Ministry’s Twitter.

The official tourism target for this year is set at 2 million tourists; however, Tourism Minister Ibrahim Faisal expressed optimism about surpassing that goal, aiming for 2.3 million arrivals.

Addressing attendees at the launch of the Maldives Youth Hackathon, the Minister highlighted that last year saw 1.8 million arrivals. In collaboration with the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation, the government is actively working toward the 2 million target.

The Minister added, “If we can sustain the current Chinese and Indian markets, we could potentially end the year with 2.3 million arrivals.”

As of January 28th this year, the Maldives has welcomed 174,000 tourists.

During his speech at today’s event, he emphasized the significance of technology for the future. Given that tourism is a major contributor to the economy, he encouraged young individuals to develop applications capable of attracting tourists to the Maldives. He specifically mentioned the need for an application that could become popular in both European and Asian markets, simplifying the process of booking resorts in the Maldives.

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