Arrivals inch close to hitting 200k within 2024 initial month

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The tourist arrivals to the Maldives has reached over 186,000 as per the latest updates from the Ministry of Tourism.

According to the ministry’s recent statistics, the total arrivals as of January 30, 2024 stood exactly at 186,327. Which is an 11.6% annual increment compared to the same period in 2023, during which arrivals stood at 166,934.

Russia continues to dominate the tourist arrival market, with over 19,000 arrivals while Italy has maintained second spot a few arrivals short of taking over the dominant market. China is now the third strongest market and has maintained its swift momentum.

UK is fourth strongest with over 15,000 arrivals while India is in fifth place with over 14,000 arrivals.

Top 10 Market

  1. Russia: 19,417
  2. Italy: 19,254
  3. China: 18,349
  4. UK: 15,616
  5. India: 14,619
  6. Germany: 11,385
  7. USA: 6,733
  8. France: 6,729
  9. Poland: 5,461
  10. Switzerland: 3,786

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