China takes top market spot after four years!

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Photo: Raffles Maldives Meradoo

According to the most recent update from the Ministry of Tourism, China has regained its top rank after four years; last observed in 2019 before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following the update posted by the ministry as of February 4, 2024, the arrivals from China has reached over 23,900; making the market the strongest in terms of arrival numbers so far in 2024 while Russia, which has enjoyed the top spot previously has been pushed to second place with 21,800 arrivals.

Italy has slipped to the third place with over 21,300 arrivals while the UK is the fourth strongest market with a little over 18,000 arrivals.

The previous top market, India has observed the most significant slip in rank this year, as it is now the fifth strongest market. Traditionally, India has maintained the top market spot for the past four years; especially since the Covid-19 pandemic – with the country topping the rankings almost every year.

However, following an earlier incident between the Maldives and the India – which initiated after some top government officials of the Maldives made derogatory comments against the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on popular micro-blogging platform, X (formerly Twitter) – the situation had intensified between the two nations.

Top 10 Markets of 2024

  1. China: 23,972
  2. Russia: 21,898
  3. Italy: 21,321
  4. UK: 18,078
  5. India: 16,536
  6. Germany: 12,842
  7. France: 7,624
  8. USA: 7,452
  9. Poland: 6,063
  10. Switzerland: 4,211

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