China maintains dominance, Italy steals second spot

As per the updates from the Ministry of Tourism, China remains as the top tourist market to the Maldives with a little over 28,000 arrivals so far in 2024.

Meanwhile, Italy has stolen the second spot from Russia with the latter slipping to third rank.

UK has maintained its fourth rank spot while India has moved up a rank to fifth after beating Germany to it.

Top 10 Markets 2024

  1. China: 28,304
  2. Italy: 23,749
  3. Russia: 23,399
  4. UK: 19,897
  5. India: 17,794
  6. Germany: 14,558
  7. France: 8,302
  8. USA: 7,997
  9. Poland: 6,629
  10. Switzerland: 5,130

China resumed its outbound transfers on January 2023, with it arrivals from the country began to gradually increase to the Maldives. Earlier in 2024, Hong Kong resumed its direct transfers to the Maldives after four years following interruption in 2020; resulting in further boost of Chinese travelers to the Maldives.

While Russia has remained as one of the strongest source markets to the Maldives, Italy surprisingly has remained in the top spot during a significant portion of January before slipping into third after which it has once again managed to move up a step.

As of February 6, 2024, the total arrivals to the Maldives reached 236,730 which is a 13.7% annual increment compared to the same period in 2023.

The total arrivals reported for January 2024 stood at 192,385 which is an 11.5% increment compared to the same month last year, arrivals in February so far reached a total of 44,345; which is a notable 24.3% increase from the same month in 2023.

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